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    Weekend and Workout Recap

    April 3, 2016

    Action packed weekend, though it seems like that’s always the case these days. Saturday morning was spent with the kiddos. I was originally going to do a bootcamp class but I knew I’d be gone most of the day so we hung out instead. Then I was off to my first Beachbody Super Saturday! It was great and so motivational. I got to hang out with my coach and some of her team and listen to some great speakers who have had amazing success stories with Beachbody. It definitely got me thinking about the great impact the program can have on people’s lives.


    Team Beachbody Super Saturday in Raleigh

    Afterwards, I got home in time for an outing to the park with the family and the neighbors. We walked/ran over there together, and chased around the kids until it was time for dinner and our evening routine. Once they were in bed it was thankfully a low-key night after such a busy week.


    Afternoon walk with the family.

    On Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed to do my long run. It’s my taper week before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Raleigh next week so I just wanted to do about 7 miles. I took it easy and though I was by myself, it was a really nice run. I listened to an audio book and just plugged away. Then we were off to a birthday party and wearing the kids out before a short nap, and then I was off to a PiYo Live class with my coach, Jen. She is about to have her second baby so this was her last planned class before delivery. It was an amazing class and I loved the round she taught. There will be some subs while she rests up after baby arrives so it will still be part of my Sunday routine when I can get away. Then this evening hubby and I are doing our first 22 Minute Hard Corps workout together. I’m leading my first challenge group and I want to be a day ahead of schedule so I can be better prepared to discuss the workouts with my Challenge Group. Oh, and then cramming in the season finale of the Walking Dead somehow. I really could use one more weekend day this week!


    PiYo Live with Jen. Look at her go at 38 weeks pregnant! 

    Here’s my workout recap from last week:

    • Monday: Cycle Beat (morning), 4 mile run (evening)
    • Tuesday: Cycle Express class (morning), power walk pushing the stroller (evening)
    • Wednesday: Cycle Express class (morning), intense 5 mile run (evening)
    • Thursday: Personal trainer session (morning), Zumba (evening)
    • Friday: Pilates Barre Extreme (BPX) class, Zumba (morning)
    • Saturday: Beachbody Super Saturday (22 minute Hard Corps)
    • Sunday: 7 mile run (morning), PiYo Live class (afternoon), 22 Minute Hard Corps with hubby (evening)

    It was an intense cardio week but a few things were happening for me that caused me to push so hard:

    1. I am SO close to my final goal that I really wanted to hit the 130s. After Easter weekend indulgences, I really wanted to make sure I was aligning to that goal, so I swapped out one of my interval classes with cardio (cycle). I’ve also been really enjoying my cycle classes so I figured one more couldn’t hurt.
    2. I picked up a couple of Groupons to some local fitness studios. One was a cycle studio that had been recommended to me and the other is a Pilates Barre studio. I used to love doing Barre classes but the ones available haven’t been convenient time-wise, or location. I saw the Groupon for PBX and realized it was pretty close by and thought a fusion class with Pilates sounded pretty awesome. As I’m starting to concentrate more on toning, this should be a nice mix to my routine. Because of the groupons though and the fact that they are only valid for so long, I wanted to be sure I had enough time to really use them… so I started this week.
    3. Next weekend I’m doing the Rock n Roll Raleigh half marathon, so I knew if I was going to push hard, it would be this week and next week I will back off a little in preparation.

    Ultimately, it paid off. I had a big weight loss this week… more than I would have expected this close to the end of my journey. But I stayed within my calorie range of calories allowed as well as those that I earned from working out. I rarely get close to the 1300 default – I’m usually between 1600-2000. But I drank a ton of water this week and I really watched the quality of what I was eating. I made sure my snacks were fresh or dried fruits, nuts or nut butters, granola or nut bars, and other similar items. I grid not to ‘waste’ my calories on junk food. I did still have my little Girl Scout cookie snack packs in the evening or my Chuao minis, but I always stayed within my calorie goal (aside from Easter weekend when I indulged).


    Just 1.8 lbs from my final weight goal!

    At this point, I’m now just under 2lbs away from my final weight goal. So. Darn. Close. I’m really starting to evaluate my current workout routine and figure out how I’ll adjust it for maintenance and to focus on my next goals which are going to be more based on toning and definition.

    So that’s it for this week! Now onto our first full week of April.

    What do you have planned for this upcoming week? Are you changing up your workouts at all or trying anything new?