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    Spring wardrobe

    March 16, 2016

    Spring has sprung! The weather is finally starting to warm up in North Carolina, and it’s been beautiful outside! I’ve had to completely revamp my wardrobe as everything that I’ve worn for the past few years no longer fits. It’s been fun being able to ‘reinvent’ my wardrobe.

    I found that I used to gravitate to a lot of blacks and gray’s. I’m trying to incorporate more color, though I also want to get some basics as starting points so that I can add accent pieces and pops of pattern and print elsewhere. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve been able to pickup in various colors (online doesn’t always have the same colors featured as what I’ve found in-store).

    Top Row: Jean Jacket | Eyelet Tank | Jogger | Jersey Dress

    Middle Row: Bikini Top | High Waisted Bottom | Romper

    Bottom Row: Eyelet Dress

    I could keep going. Like I said, I had to rebuild my whole warm weather wardrobe. But thank goodness for sales!

    Where are your favorite places to shop for your spring and summer wardrobe necessities?