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    Meal planning for April 3rd

    April 3, 2016

    It’s that time again! The hubby and I sat down together for 10 minutes and planned out our meals for next week. It was a little easier this time because we:

    1. Had some sale emails from our local grocery stores in front of us, so we tried to coordinate with what was on special.
    2. Created a master list of the foods that we like to make/have in our recipe box. So often we get into a ‘dinner rut’ only to realize that we have been sabotaging ourselves by always making the same things. By brainstorming about some things that we actually really enjoy making AND eating, we were able to create a list that we could pick and choose from. Even better, we can just keep adding to it as we try new recipes from sources like Hello Fresh or our general recipe box and pinterest.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.55.27 PM

    A snapshot of our current meal planning list though it’s going to constantly grow as we try new things and remember old favorites.

    Also, sometimes we just can’t stick with our meal plans 100%. We try to be as close as possible, but life happens. Sometimes we have to work later than expected, the kids have an activity that we forgot about, or something was on sale at the store that just sounded like a better option. For example, this week, shrimp and crab cakes were on sale at Fresh Market. We rarely indulge in both of those except for when we’re dining out, but at the cheaper prices, I’ll gladly change up my meal plans if I can get it to fit in elsewhere.


    Made a lighter version of Shrimp N Grits courtesy of Bobby Deen’s cookbook.

    So, without further ado, here’s our plan for next week.

    Meal Planning for Week of April 3rd:

    • Sunday: Harris Teeter Baked Ziti (they emailed me saying that we got a free meal because we have been customers of their curbside grocery pickup for a year. Sweet! I like free! It was limited in what we could get but thankfully it’s a full meal that is generally low and calories that we can make a bit healthier). Side of an Italian salad and some fresh garlic bread.
    • Monday: Chicken Bundles from the JL Raleigh cookbook. One of my favorite recipes from there and I tweak it just a bit to make it healthier. Having it with a side of roast potatoes and asparagus.
    • Tuesday: Turkey tacos (or taco salad for me), black beans, corn
    • Wednesday: Trader Joe’s tortellini, marinara sauce, peas
    • Thursday: I’m taking Ian to see Peppa Pig downtown. Say a prayer for me. Anyways, hubby and I decided we will both fend for ourselves. I’ll probably take Ian to dinner and get a salad while he eats chicken.
    • Friday: Pear, proscuitto, goat cheese flatbread. I’ll be sharing the recipe on here later this week.
    • Saturday: Taco party with friends. I know taco’s two times in a week, but it’s one of our favorites so I rarely get tired of it.

    Flatbread (shown without the arugula topping so you’re not just staring at a pile of greens).

    What’s on the menu for you this week? How do you make sure you don’t get bored when you’re meal planning?