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    Weekend Recap, Workouts, and Meal Planning for May 2nd

    May 2, 2016

    This week was rough. Emotionally, mentally, physically… basically every way possible.

    Early into the week we found out about the loss of a friend. He was a good friend of my husband’s and was someone that I thankfully had the privilege of knowing (as well as his girlfriend, now wife) from when my husband and I first started dating. My husband had kept in touch with him even after we moved and they would chat and text from time to time. They had known each other for so long and had so many great memories together that it came as a complete surprise to us when he passed. Far too young and leaving behind his wife and two young children. We were both so sad to hear the news and thankfully, we were able to make it work where my husband could fly to California to be there for the memorial this weekend.

    That took a toll on both of us this week. We were in a funk and found ourselves constantly weepy. We kept up with our routine as much as possible but at the same time, my mom was also flying in for a visit around the middle of the week so we had a lot of prep work today. Thankfully, she and my sister happened to have this trip planned so they could ultimately help out with the hubby out of town, but again it was just a draining week overall.

    I started to have some hamstring tightness last weekend and it didn’t really seem to get better over the week. I also was hit with a cold on Monday. My first in a long time, but I felt like it hit hard. I was able to workout but definitely modified – more walks around the neighborhood or activities where I wasn’t in close proximity with others where I could spread my cooties. I do think this helped my hamstring from being aggravated further but I didn’t really acknowledge how bad it was until mid-week. I gave myself a rest day on Friday (well, after Zumba, but no evening run!) and Saturday was basically a full rest day with just a little stroller pushing while shopping. By Sunday, things felt better. Still a light tight and store, but better. I’m hoping that I can continue to take care of it this week so I’ll be back to fighting shape by the weekend. I have a long run planned for Saturday next weekend, and then my Run Like A Mother 5k on Sunday. This is the anniversary of my first 5k last year so I was really hoping to knock it out of the park. At this point, I don’t know if I can go full out as I don’t want to injure myself further for Ramblin Rose the following weekend, but again, I’ll see how things feel this week.

    My eating was actually really en pointe this week. I kept my snacking to a minimum, no crazy sweets binges, and stayed within my calories for the whole week except for one splurge night on Saturday when we went to dinner. The scale was happy, and I felt good (aside from everything else going on). I guess if there was a week to test myself though, this would have been it.


    Do I look tired? I am. But I love these babies of mine.

    This morning (Sunday) I did my 8 mile loop at Umstead. It went well with really just that little bit of tightness in my calves/hamstring. I’m figuring out my workout for tomorrow morning to see if it will be cardio (but low impact) or strength training. I do have a trigger point massage appointment so I think that should really help as I’ll rest in the evening and study some more. Having my hubby out of town, I spent a lot of quality time studying for my AFAA exam. It feels good to make such a dent in the textbook and training manual and I’m feeling better about meeting my June testing timeline. I just need to make sure I’m devoting at least 2 solid hours to it 3-4 times a week in the evening. It can be hard with everything else going on, but I’m trying to make it a priority so that I can meet my other deadlines for certification in the meantime.


    Moments like these kept me balanced. Love seeing them interact with one another more and more.

    So onto what I did do this week. My workout schedule was the following:

    • Monday: Evening power walk with Big Fig and a friend. Approx 4 miles
    • Tuesday: Interval class (morning), Ramblin Rose triathlon training, bike and run (evening)
    • Wednesday: Cycle class (morning)
    • Thursday: Ramblin Rose triathlon training, swim, bike run! (morning) and Zumba (evening)
    • Friday: Zumba (morning)
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: 8 mile run (morning), then a short walk (30-45 mins) through the neighborhood pushing the double stroller

    This lady. Keeping me sane. Couldn’t do it without her.

    And meal planning for the week is as follows:

    • Monday: Turkey burgers, corn, another TBD side
    • Tuesday: Trader Joe’s spinach and ricotta pizza with salad
    • Wednesday: Rotisserie chicken and Traders Joe’s frozen gnocchi, peas
    • Thursday: Sandwiches/wraps and soup
    • Friday: Healthy alfredo, brown rice and quinoa noodles
    • Saturday: Date night! Hubby is surprising me.
    • Sunday: TBD as my new planner does the meal planning section on a Saturday-Sunday basis. So I’ll adjust this page for future meal planning schedules.

    Sunday morning, running views. Therapy.

    That’s it! I feel like this Monday is bittersweet. Part of me felt like this weekend was so slow and dragged by, but another part can’t believe it’s going to be Monday already. I did have a good time with the boys this weekend, but it was hard not feeling like I was in the right state of mind overall with everything going on and James being out of town. So I’m looking forward to having things get back to normal and working up towards Mother’s Day weekend.

    How did your weekend go? Did you stay on track? How did you stay active?