Goal Achieved

April 8, 2016

Today is a big day. A HUGE day.

I hit my final weight loss goal.

I am officially down 110 lbs.

This does not mean my journey is done. Far from it. Now I need to learn to maintain this weight range, and this lifestyle. Thankfully, I do believe it has been a full lifestyle change. For the last year, our whole family has been meal planning, exercise planning, and making better, healthier choices. But it’s still going to be hard. Even this week, I had moments where I made poor choices. I indulged a little too much in candy that was laying around the house, or I had too many snacks that could have been healthier options. But I knew I was making poor choices and I tried to figure out why (let’s be honest, PMS), but then I came up with a game-plan. While we normally meal plan dinners and keep our options open for other meals, I actually grabbed a notepad and planned all of my workouts, meetings, and meals for the next day, and the following day, I did the same.  I wanted to make sure I could get back on track. I knew we had evening plans one night that would mean dinner out, so I went to the restaurant website ahead of time and picked out a couple of healthier options that I could narrow down when I got there.

However, let me get back to this… I am SO very excited and a little overwhelmed to know that I have finally made it. I adjusted my goal a couple of times as I got closer, wanting to have a better idea of how I felt as I reached certain weight milestones. But I know that I’m at the point now, where I am happy with my weight. I have so much more confidence and I feel great. I reached the point where I could do what I originally set out – keep up with my kids and set a healthy example for them.

So, at this point, I’m going to learn how to maintain this weight and lifestyle. I’m going to now concentrate on toning and strength (I still have weak arms and I’d love to tighten up my core), and I want to become more efficient in some of my activities like running (time to work on getting some new PRs).

If you want to join me in this latest challenge, I decided that for the month of May, I will kick off my toning, lengthening, and strengthening with a 30 day PiYo challenge. I have more exciting news on that front but this May challenge will be a great way to keep my focus on my maintenance, healthy eating, and some awesome workouts. If you want to join the challenge, send me a message!



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