Ambassadorships and Becoming a BibRave Pro

February 15, 2019

Earlier this week, I received the exciting news that I was accepted into the BibRave Pro Ambassador program. This might bring up some questions:
 What the heck is that? 
Wait, what are these ambassadors for and aren’t you already one? 
Why do I care?

Well let me fill you in!

What is a BibRave Pro?
First of all, BibRave is a running community that connects runners to races! It’s a social media site where runners can provide honest reviews of races and where potential racers can research races that they are considering. BibRave provides information by individual races, but they also have lists like the BibRave 100, where you can see breakdowns of the top 20 of various types of races, races ranked by scenery, etc.

As a BibRave Pro, I will be representing BibRave at partner races (and on my own training runs and other races that I participate in). I actually learned about BibRave through Pro Mai, who was hanging out by the Honey Stinger booth when I was saying ‘hi’ to the team there at Rock N Roll Las Vegas. I had never heard about the program and was intrigued by a race review system as I work towards running a race in every state. 

BibRave Pros are a collection of running bloggers and influencers who share their race experiences, and also valuable discount codes for both races and running gear and accessories. I will always disclose when I have received merchandise or race entries as part of these relationships and you can always expect my honest opinions and experiences.

What does this mean for you?
Great news for you: I’m adding a discount codes page to my blog! From here you can look up races to see if they are BibRave partners, and then take advantage of savings through their shared promo codes. I will also be sharing select merchandise and gear discounts as they partner with BibRave, so that you can also check out these items with additional discounts. There have been many a race or product that I’ve frantically google’d for discounts and non-expired promo codes, and these links can hopefully provide a one-stop shop for many popular races.

Aren’t you already an ambassador for other brands?
Yes! You can be an ambassador for multiple companies and I’ve been fortunate to be selected as an ambassador for a couple of my favorite training products. I only apply for ambassador status for goods and services that I use and would vouch for. This then means that I may be given products to try out for free or at a discount, that I’ll post about my experiences in using these products and servics, and that I from time-to-time have discounts and freebies for my followers as well! 

My other two ambassadorships are for:

Honey Stinger
Honey Stinger provides snack and performance fueling products made from natural ingredients. I rely on their waffles and gummies for many of my long races and training runs, but they also make gels and, of course, honey! I love the variety of options in their products, and that they don’t sit heavy while I’m participating in long runs or workouts. I got pretty burned out from other brands of gels when I first started running, but Honey Stinger has been a constant since I discovered them. And they don’t just provide training fuel!  They have products for everyday snacking as well.

I recently learned about Bobo’s after a trip to my local Whole Foods. I was looking for quick breakfast and snack items, that were a little healthier and easier to pack for my busy days in the office, teaching, getting in a training run, and overall home life. Enter Bobo’s. They are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO, and met all of my above requirements. I love their different flavors of oat bars that are both super filling, and provide an additional source of fuel as I’ve been training for my upcoming ultra marathon. I love that I can have an oat bar or toast’r pastry for breakfast, or a peanut butter stuffed bar while I’m hiking up a giant trail or in between afternoon meetings. 
You can get $5 off your first online purchase over $30 and 750 points towards their rewards program using this link.

And finally, I’m also a member of the Oiselle Volee. This is not quite an ambassadorship but more a team of women that run under the Oiselle name as part of a global community supporting women in running, leadership, and sisterhood. They sponsor some amazing elite runners, but also connect everyday middle-of-the-pack runners like myself through local meetups, races, and larger national activities.

I will continue to work hard to provide quality content and plan on providing even more interaction through my blog, as well as my continued engagement through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m keeping my Ambassador list to a smaller level so that I can focus on the products that I stand behind. I am also happy to share when any of my partner companies provide discount codes or sneak peeks into sales and special promotions available by their Ambassadors to share.

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