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April 26, 2019

Disclaimer: I received an opportunity to work with Endure Strong to participate in and review their run coaching services as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I know I’ve been remiss on my Weekly Recap (last week and spoiler: this week), but it’s because a lot has been going on the last couple of weeks. A LOT. Not necessarily super exciting info as it relates to the activities that I was doing, but more about what I will be doing. How can I properly break this down…

When BibRave gave the Pro team a heads up about an opportunity to be coached and work with Olympian, Jared Ward, in a customized training program, my first reaction was disbelief.

That quickly turned into excitement and anxiety… how can I get in on this? Everyone is going to try for it! Well, we had some targets to hit and the biggest one was having a goal race this Summer. No time like the present to change my plans! I had already decided to run the Rock N Roll Chicago half marathon this summer, but it was time to make some big decisions. Could I make this a PR race? Well, with the help of a training coach, especially one of this caliber, why the heck not? Count me in!

But first, I had to be picked!


Another big factor in all of this is juggling a full load: busy work life, balancing time with family, fitting in trainings, etc. While I’m certainly no Olympian sponsored and training for those grueling hours, I can definitely relate to the above considerations. Family life with my husband and two little boys, a full time corporate job that is constantly keeping me on my toes, teaching group fitness part time evenings and weekends (and learning my new program so I can complete my certification in the next few weeks while adding that program to the schedule), and of course, running all the miles everywhere in between! When I got the acceptance email, I was jumping up and down in excitement.


My welcome letter was kicked off by a communication from Andrew Webb. Both he and Jared will be working with us on our goals, training plans, customizations, and providing input along the way. We use the Final Surge app for communications, training plan selection (which is then customized), our training calendar, and for other resources like videos, access to coaching calls, details on cross training routines, etc. So far I’m loving the mobile app and of course, how it syncs up to my current devices such as my Garmin and my Strava account.

My first step in the process (after signing in to Final Surge) was picking my training plan. Jared and Andrew were our resources for questions and adjustments, but I knew from my race date that I had just over 12 weeks to race day. I went with a 12 week, intermediate half marathon plan, with 35 peak week miles. While I was itching to do a higher mileage plan, in previewing the workouts, I knew this one was already going to challenge me. This isn’t just me running to get miles in, but carefully outlined running workouts, 6 days a week. After selecting the plan, the program instantly populated my training calendar with my various workouts, run types and distances, and the ability to adjust the schedule based on other extenuating circumstances or planned events. I’ll definitely be working with Jared and Andrew as my teaching schedule can sometimes fall perfectly in sync, but can also add some conflicting exercise days or lack of proper rest days. In addition, I receive daily emails from my workouts and the team of other participants in our group shares their workouts on our team wall.

Just the starting point for various training plans. Within each were options based on level, total mileage, etc, and all are then further customizeable.

My training officially starts on Monday. I gave myself this week to take it easy with my running and concentrate on my teaching. I had a couple of PiYo classes, I subbed for Barre, and I’m fine tuning my Mossa Power routine as I’m teaching it for the first time next weekend, and completing my final assessment shortly thereafter. Between PiYo and Power, I definitely have the cross training and strength training that is incorporated into my routine covered. I’m also joining BibRave’s Strava Run Club in the May running streak. I will hit the daily mileage with no foreseen issues as my training plan essentially calls for 6 days of running (various levels and distances, not all high intensity and tons of miles, so don’t @ me!), and even on my rest day an easy 1 mile run will be nice to get in. I’m cooped up in a desk chair for so much of the day that 10 minutes of fresh air turns any frowns rightside up.

Endure Strong jump for joy
My excitement level at being selected for the BibRave Pro Endure Strong coaching program.

I’m SO excited by this opportunity and will share details about my experience and progress along the way. I’ll admit, I’m a little scared at some of these lofty goals, but excited to challenge myself and finally push towards my running goals.

Have you worked with a running coach before? Did it help you to reach your running goals?

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